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The Adventures of Penelope & Her Pony Paisley

Penelope's first book, is a fantasy fictional short story titled "The Adventures of Penelope and her Pony Paisley: The Enchanted Forest."

Paisley was a rescue pony adopted by Penelope's Grammy as a Christmas gift the winter of 2016. Paisley was a dream come true for Penelope, rescuing horses of all kinds is fast becoming a focus for Penelope and her sister Scarlett. 

We hope you enjoy this first book of what we hope is many to come as this author at 8 creates and develops more wonderful stories based on the animals she loves. Her little sister hopes to join her in writing books as well. 

Penelope, author at 8 our family is very proud of her accomplishment and how she is inspiring others to follow their dreams, no matter how young or old! 

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