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Kritterhill Farm & Ranch

Sella, rescue by Greenwood Stables

This rescue saves so many horses and donkeys from the kill pens. Sella is one of those special horses.

25% of the sale of artwork of Sella goes to help fund the rescue of more special animals.

Amy and her daughter had been out to the kill pen and that evening her daughter thought she might have forgotten to close a gate; it was late and cold. While they were gone a group of slaughter horses had been dropped off. As they went to check gates this one little mare kept following them. She was very thin and had been in some kind of accident. One eye had been removed but on the other side of her face her ear dropped, she couldn’t close her mouth on that side and the eye was injured. She was so sweet they knew she would be shipping early the next morning, so they hid her in the barn. Evend though she was almost totally blind she followed them into the barn where they gave her hay and water and told her to be quiet. The next day they were able to buy her. They took her to the vet where it was discovered that even thought she was only 20 years old her teeth were no good. She cannot eat hay and would have to survive on senior feed. He said she was 90% blind. Overtime Stella fattened up and after a year her ear and mouth went back to normal. And she regained more sight in the one eye. She is the sweetest horse; she loves everyone she meets. She is the favorite of riding students; she never spooks and is as gentle as a kitten. They will always be thankful for that she chose them that cold night and will always be one of their most loving rescues. This my friends is just one of many stories. I hope you find it in your heart to help rescue more.

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