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Kritterhill Farm & Ranch

Paisley’s Smile - has been achieved!

Kritterhill and the kind donation of an annonomous donor have paid for Paisley's two surgeries and follow up. She is healing well and is liking her new feed and extra attention. 

Our beloved pony, Paisley, needs dental work. This is a priority project because her dental health can affect her overall health. She will be transported to a veterinarian specialist who can address her needs.

In order to care for her, the medical care cannot be postponed. Please consider contributing to our fund raiser for covering the cost of these important procedures.

Kritterhill is committed to meeting the needs of all our re-homed animals. You can participate in several ways. Your donations help provide food, medical care, and housing. You can give to a general care fund or choose where you would like your support to help.

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