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Kritterhill Farm & Ranch

3D Tactile Art Commissions

Three-Dimensional Sensory Resin art by Kathryn Swart that invites the viewer to expense the art through touch. Children love Kathryn’s tactile art creations as do people with visual impairments, learning challenges and others. This art moves the art lover past the barriers of traditional art in to experience art with touch as well as sight.

Contact Kathryn for more information about commissioning a work of art for yourself, a loved one or an organization. Prices begin at $575.00 and vary depending on size and complexity. 

Contact For More Information

Commission Policy for Original Artwork

The following Terms and Conditions are for the Commission of original artwork or designs from Kathryn Swart. The following information must be read fully and accepted before signing and dating the final Commission Agreement, which is legally binding. To request a quote contact Kathryn at or by phone or text at 316-650-6756.


Commission Agreement:

The discussion, documented via email, in which the Artist and Client agree to the subject matter and type of Commission to be produced, the Commission price, the point in time in which the Artist is expected to commence Start of Work and completion of work. The down payment of half the price of the artwork and the remaining due upon shipping or delivery of the artwork. All commissions will be displayed in the artists portfolio and used on line as samples of work unless otherwise agreed upon between Artist and Client.


Your satisfaction is priority and we will have in depth discussions and communication prior to Start of your Original Art Piece. I am looking forward to creating your vision!


All sales of Artwork go to care for the kritters here at Kritterhill, some of our kritters are special needs, such as Paisley the Palomino Pony who can no longer chew grass or hay due to nutritional and environmental neglect as a young pony. There is Miss Daisy the goat with three legs, who we built a special barn for, but who now has a buddy that was born premature and couldn't walk or stand, who now through daily physical therapy, great vet care and lots of love has survived but is not able to use her back legs to jump like the other goats and we will be using funds to increase the size of Miss Daisy's barn to accommodate them both. 


Thank you for Blessing the Kritters with your purchase!

Kathryn aka Kat

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