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Look for us at local markets and at regional events where you can buy our handcrafted soaps, body butters, books and produce. More event information on our Facebook page. 

Find a selection of our handcrafted goods at the Kritterhill Shoppe.

Kansas Maze

Saturday, Sept. 3rd 9am to 4pm

13209 E 82nd Ave

Buhler Ks 

Lavender Festival & Craft

Saturday, June 11 • 9a-2:30p
Gertie’s Lavender Farm • Event Info
8101 South Rayl Road Burrton, KS 67020


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Taking Reservations for May - September, 2023

Design your visit to our small farm. Would you like to gather farm fresh eggs, feed the animals or harvest organic produce? You can do that! Enjoy the animals, take a hike, fish a little, take a canoe out on the pond, bring your art and paint, draw. When you visit Kritterhill, bring your camera, catch the animals doing what they do, or just come to relax and enjoy the peace of the country. Come for a few hours, a day visit, or take in the magnificent night sky while you camp at the farm for a night or a weekend.

Spring and Fall are special times on the farm when baby animals are born. We anticipate offering a weekend on the farm in the spring and fall of each year.
Shop our selection of artisan goat’s milk soaps and lotions made on the farm. Artwork and books are for sale too. Every sale supports the care of our rescue animals.

 Kritterhill Farms grooming horses

Small Farm Experience:

If you choose to experience a day in the life of a small hobby farm you'll get to garden, help care for the animals needs. Learn to milk goats and cows, and collect eggs. Enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of the day with a basket of fresh produce for your evening meal or morning breakfast. 

Kritterhill Farms peaceful lake

Peaceful Respite:

Have you wanted to escape the noise of the city? Take a break from technology and hurried life. Get out and enjoy nature at Kritterhill Farm & Ranch. Connect with the animals and get a taste of life on a small farm and ranch. Enjoy peaceful healing sessions with the animals, walks around thpond, or creative healing sessions that soothe the soul. 

Kritterhill Farms Art sessions

Creative Healing Retreat:

Create your own artistic retreat at Kritterhill. Here you will find a place with friendly animals and lots of inspirational subject matter for your art. The pond. The sunsets. The Kritters. Simply escape the noise and hurriedness of your life at Kritterhill. We believe creativity can be so healing - for the family or individual.. Creative work had been proven to help reduce symptoms of stress or just meet the need for a quiet retreat. Choose from creative craft or painting in the studio or "plein air"style, outdoor painting. 

Kritterhill organic garden

RV & Rustic Camping:

Camping at Kritterhill provides you the experience of life on a small farm. Enjoy RV camping or camping in tents and cooking on an open fire pit at your campsite. Rest under the magnificent canopy of stars in the Kansas night sky. Fresh vegetables, eggs and raw milk are available for purchase (in season) for your morning and afternoon meals.Small Farm Experience, fishing on the pond and painting on location are more options you can add to your Kritterhill experience.
(Electricity and RV dumping not available.)
Kritterhill Farms little rider

Taking Reservations : May - September 2022-2023

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