About Us

Our journey and adventure in hobby farming has enhanced our families’ lives, health, education, relationships and overall joy.

In ‘91 we learned about the effects of processed foods to our bodies both internally and externally. We began utilizing natural organic products as often as we could. At this time we learned about the benefits of free ranged goats, chickens, horse therapy and essential oils.

By ‘98 we purchased our land to begin building our Hobby Farm & Ranch. We built everything utilizing refurbished and recycled materials whenever possible. My husband is the master builder of all of our livestock buildings, garden shed and even our home. He has been in the construction industry since he was a teenager and has a passion for crafting and creating masterpieces. We would like to share our discoveries and welcome anyone with interest to schedule a tour with us in the future.

We began with a small herd of Nubians, their personalities, their love of human interaction and their healthful milk. We allow the goat kids to be raised by the mother does and once the baby kid is weaned then we utilize the milk for the family and any orphaned animals. We also have some amazing rescue horses who bring lots of therapy to anyone who visits our little farm. They love being brushed and talked to, and occasionally will smile for a visitor. We also have free range chickens, we allow them out in the fields and into our garden areas, not only are they happier this way, but we believe the quality of life and the quality of the eggs they provide are healthier for all. They have what we call and chicken castle, but often prefer to lay their eggs in the goats hay feeders. LOL We do have two retired guardian dogs, Dolly and Reba, they love their retirement in the house with our other two dogs, Dutchess and Daisy. We have one outside guardian dog, Duke, don't let his smile scare you, he is the kindest of Kritters, but very protective of his livestock at night. He will round them up and put them in their barns at night, and you will often find him sleeping by the entry door of one of the barns. This year we have had 22 baby goats, and the joy they bring the grandchildren is priceless. I love watching them play, while I do morning chores, and they don't mind me singing to them at all. For us this is our dream life and we appreciate you being a part of taking care of the animals with your purchase. 

We believe in providing homes for rescue animals and have done our best to accommodate strays that come our way. All of our horses are rescues, you may find their pictures and stories on the about our animals tab. We have several rescue dogs and have had many prior to them.

We developed our Goat Milk soap to fulfill the need to simplify and to utilize natural organic products in as many areas as possible. All of our soaps are made with special blends of essential oils, teas, coffee and flowers or herbs, added coconut oils, honey and olive oil. We want to provide a great cleansing product that also moisturizes and exfoliates, and delights the eye. We will be offering a mini gift box that will include a bath bar, sink bar, travel/sample bar and a fancy guest bar. If you are like us, you don’t want to mingle a lot of different scents, and having a guest bar is a nice way to welcome guests. 

We want others to enjoy natural products, the joy of interacting with the animals, to introduce others to the experience of down home country living and a dash of glamour we also want to give our grandchildren. The foundation and education that an active country life can provide; giving back and helping to promote local rescues and businesses is extremely important to us. 

We hope the legacy we leave to our family is that we took the best of us, added the best of those around us and gave our best back to those who become a part of our lives.


              “Offer them respect, earn their trust, build a relationship, find joy in love.”