October News, Upcoming Events and Winner announced for Small Gift Box!

October News, Upcoming Events and Winner announced for Small Gift Box!

So much happening on the farm this month! We had a wonderful time at the Holiday Galleria in Wichita Kansas. So many wonderful people, with such big hearts! It was great meeting you all and we look forward to seeing many of you on the farm in the spring of 2023.

We have a winner of the small gift box, congratulations to Bernice Millsap who chose Peaceful Prairies for her gift box.

Our next event is in Buhler Kansas at the Blue Truck Vintage Market on Oct. 22nd. We will have some of the young goats there, come pet them, they love to be spoiled!

Spring of 2023 we are opening our rustic hobby farm for visitors. Come for a day or more, off grid camping and bring your own camper options available. The kritters love company, more love and spoiling for them. See link https://kritterhillfarm.com/pages/events-visits

Thank you for your purchases and the donations at the show, we have a beginning budget for the barn additions. We have begun the building of the kid barn, milk barn combination. We still need to expand the barn for our Miss Paisley. We need lumber and roofing materials to complete these. Paisley currently has a small stall that had been fine when she was able to eat as the other horses do, now before winter we are looking for materials to build her a larger indoor stall with a individual paddock by her equine friends to maintain her health and socialization during winter.

We are not a non-profit as we have farm raised, rescues, and special needs animals/kritters.

When we returned home from the show in Wichita it was time to trim hoofs, pedicures for all goats. Then it was barn cleaning and preparations for winter.

If you are interested in helping with Paisley's build, there is artwork for sale, organic goat milk soap and lotions as well as donations for the build. We are not a non-profit, as we have rescues, saves and farm raised animals. 

“One By One...We Can Help Those In Need” 

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