We are excited to be back, we will be adding products one scent at a time. Our family and our Kritters are looking forward to sharing our products with you. May you have a blessed year!

Handcrafted Homemade Luxurious Goat's Milk Soaps

Kritter Hill Farm & Ranch in Toronto, KS

Mission Statement

Our hope has always been to cultivate creativity and connection. We built and continue to run Kritter Hill Farm and Ranch on the foundation that respect focuses on strengths not weaknesses.

The health and vitality of our animals serves as an extension of the organic lifestyle we embrace at KritterHill.  We take pride in offering products that represent our commitment to sustaining a lifestyle that is both good to our environment and well-being. 

Our Goats, handcrafted luxurious soaps, hand built small barns, sheds, feeders, our books and our art is made with the purpose of bringing joy to others.  Portions of each sale help enable us to continue working with rescue animals, here on the farm.

Who We Are

The #1 Rule of our Goat club? PLEASE TALK ABOUT OUR GOAT CLUB!!!

Welcome to Kritterhill Farm and Ranch LLC. We are a family owned and operated ranch located in the beautiful Flinthills of Kansas.  Our ranch blends our love of the majestic outdoors and our passion for raising healthy animals.  We have goats, geese, chickens, rabbits and horses that call our ranch home.  As a hobby farm we place our highest priority on making sure our animals remain free spirited and friendly. 

In addition to sustaining an organic pesticide free farm we produce goat milk soap and gift accessories which are USA made and organic when possible, as cost effective options become available we plan to transition all products to organic, natural USA made. To provide for our animals and to help other local animal rescues. At the farm, we focus on sustaining our commitment to our environment by building and re-purposing everything we can; including tools that help us care for our animals. 

Our hobby farm and ranch are home to Boar, Nubian, and Nigerian Dwarf goats. We offer some of our newest arrivals periodically for purchase.  Our focus is on health, free rein and lots of individualized attention and love. All of our animals are a reflection of this environment and are sure to bring you joy and laughter.


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Find our storefronts:

White Dove @ 2947 E. Kellogg S. in Wichita, KS

Steve's jams and jellies in Towne West Square @ 4600 W. Kellogg Drive in Wichita, KS

Lizard Lips Deli and Gas Station @ 153 Highway 54 in Toronto, KS 

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