It all begins with the Kritters...

It all starts in the heart. Every animal at Kritterhill is well loved and respected. Missy Moo and Baby Cakes are our Jersey mix cows. Big Momma, Momma Bear, Momma Love, Baby Girl, Miss Kitty, and Bitty are our Angus cows and calves. Our horses, Patch, Paisley and Blondie love visitors. Our goats, Patchy, Princess Dianna, Ruby, Jeannie, Annie O, Copper, Sally, Acai, Petunia, Sweet Pea, Ma Cherie, Lotus, and Manly like to entertain.


Handcrafted Goat Milk Soap & Body Butters, Organic Herbs, Fine Art, Youth Art, Books, and so much more! Your purchases help in so many ways.



KH Farm & Ranch is a place of refuge and restoration for many of our Kritters. Our animals carry their own stories of healing.


Country Living

Kritterhill Farm & Ranch a peaceful place in the country.

Our Heart

The all-natural soaps are so creamy, skin softening and also smell wonderful!!  ...Will definitely be getting more products from Kritter Hill Farm. 

~ Patty Williams

Hobby Farm Life

Organic Free Range Hobby Farm & Ranch. Our Goats love the natural stone for climbing, so we made them a play area near the homestead. The goat kids are especially entertaining!

Kritterhill Farm & Ranch would love to meet you at markets this year. We hope to add plein aire art soon as well as farm visits.
We would love to meet you!

Located near Toronto, Kansas